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The Makin' Whoopee - Page!

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This page is under construction - like so many pages on the web.

As a very big fan of the song "Makin' Whoopee" I searched for it and found many different song-interpretations. I wanted to play it myself on the guitar - the search for the right chords took me nearly 2 years (it just didn't sound right! But I think it does now).

What I want to do on this page:

  • I want to show you the chords of the song and samples, how to play it.
  • I want to let you listen to others, who are playing or singing this great song.
  • I want to let you know, on what CD's you are able to find "Makin' Whoopee".
  • I want to give you as much information as possible on that case.
So ... if you have any info about Makin' Whoopee, and you want to share it with the world - please give it to me, I will include it in the ultimate "Makin' Whoopee" - Page!

Needed Informations:

  • About the Broadway-Musical: When was it played, who played it, Side-Stories...
  • About the Movie
  • You have a special story that's related to Makin' Whoopee? Lets hear it!

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  • The music was written by Walter Donaldson, the words by Gus Kahn.
  • It was part of the Broadway-Musical "Whoopee!" in 1928
  • Later is was used in many movies, even in commercials. My favorite movie with the "Makin' Whoopee"-Song is "The Fabulous Baker Boys", where Michelle Pfeiffer sings it - lying on a piano!
  • It was used in "Sleepless in Seattle", too.
  • As far as I know, the latest MW-movie was Woody Allen's "Everyone says I love you" (MW was sung by Tirome Jerome)
  • Woody Allen loves this song, I think, cause he used it in his 1992 film "Husbands and Wives", too. The song was played there by Bernie Leighton on the piano. (Thanks to Adam for that information)
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Makin' Whoopee - the lyrics
(the common known version)
Words by Gus Kahn
Another bride
Another june
Another sunny
Another season
Another reason
For Makin' Whoopee.

A lot of shoes
A lot of rice
The groom is nervous
He answers twice
It's really killin'
That he's so willin'
to make whoopee!

Picture a little love-nest,
Down where the roses cling,
Picture the same sweet lovenest,
Think what a year can bring.

He's washing dishes
And baby clothes
He's so ambitious
He even sews
But don't forget, folks
That's what you get, folks,
for Makin' Whoopee!
Another year
Or maybe less
What's this I hear?
Well, can't you guess?
She feels neglected
And he's suspected
Of Makin' Whoopee!

She sits alone
'Most every night
He doesn't 'phone her
He doesn't write
He says he's "busy"
But she says "is he?"
He's Makin' Whoopee!

He doesn't make much money
Only a five-thousand per
Some judge, who thinks he's funny
Told him he got to pay six to her
He says: "Now judge, suppose I fail."
The judge says: "Budge, right into jail!
You'd better keep her,
I think it's cheaper
Than Makin' Whoopee!!"
Find additional lyrics here.

As I heard from Brian, Eddie Cantor's grandson, Eddie did the wrong lyrics on the song for many years:

"Another bride, another GROOM, another sunny honeymoon ..."
Find out more about Eddie Cantor on the Eddie Cantor Home Page with Pictures, .wav-Files and lots of Infos!

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The Broadway-Musical:

Book by William Anthony McGuire
Lyrics by Gus Kahn
Music by Walter Donaldson
Based on "The Nervous Wreck" by Owen David
The original WHOOPEE! was produced by Florenz Ziegfeld in 1928 for New York's Amsterdam Theatre, home of his world-famous FOLLIES. Starring the irrepressible Eddie Cantor, this wildly campy and hilarious hi-jinks-filled satire of the Wild West of the 1920's included a delicious score of hit songs including Love Me or LeaveMe; Yes Sir, That's my Baby and the title song Makin' Whoopee!
Information taken from Theatre unter the Stars

The Movie:

Whoopee! was made in 1930.
    Produced by
      United Artists / Goldwyn.
      94 min
    Directed by:
      Thornton Freeland
    Main Cast:
      Eddie Cantor (Henry Williams)
      Ethel Shutta (Mary Custer)
      Paul Gregory (I) (Wanenis)
      Eleanor Hunt (Sally Morgan)
      John Rutherford (Sheriff Bob Wells)
      Walter Law (Judd Morgan)
      Spencer Charters (Jerome Underwood)
      Albert Hackett (Chester Underwood)
      Chief Caupolican (Black Eagle)
      Lou-Scha-Enya (Matafay)
    Written by:
      William M. Conselman
      Owen Davis
      William Anthony McGuire
    Music by:
      Walter Donaldson
    Produced by:
      Samuel Goldwyn
      Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
    The whole cast is listed in the Movie Database.

Here's a Plot Summary for Whoopee!, as found in the Movie-Database

Western sheriff Bob Wells is preparing to marry Sally Morgan; she loves part-Indian Wanenis, whose race is an obstacle. Sally flees the wedding with hypochondriac Henry Williams, who thinks he's just giving her a ride; but she left a note saying they've eloped! Chasing them are jilted Bob, Henry's nurse Mary (who's been trying to seduce him) and others.
Filming Location for Whoopee! was Palm Springs, California, USA.
Whoopee! was nominated for an oscar in 1932 for Best Art Direction (Richard Day)

These were the songs sung in the film, as found in JJ's Class Act: Those Golden Movie Musicals

[0:04] Cowboys (production number sung and danced by Betty Grable and Chorus)
[0:15] I'll Still Belong to You (Paul Gregory)
[0:21] Makin' Whoopee (Eddie Cantor with the Goldwyn Girls) Take a look!
[0:26] Today's the Day (Chorus)
[0:34] A Girl Friend of a Boy Friend of Mine (Eddie Cantor)
[0:46] Makin' Waffles (Eddie Cantor)
[0:57] My Baby Just Cares for Me (sung and danced by Eddie Cantor) Take a look!
[1:06] Stetson (production number sung and danced by Ethel Shutta, Men's Chorus and Goldwyn Girls)
[1:19] I'll Still Belong to You (reprise, Paul Gregory)
[1:24] The Song of the Setting Sun (production number sung by Chief Caupolican, danced by Goldwyn Girls)
[1:32] My Baby Just Cares for Me (reprise, Eddie Cantor)

Whoopee! Links:

Makin' Whoopee on Wikipedia
The Fabulous Baker Boys (fr) - biography of Michelle Pfeiffer
The Fabulous Baker Boys - a site devoted to the movie
Check out, what Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Bridges have to say about their Whoopee-Scene!

Theatre unter the Stars: Makin' Whoopee! (a new production in 97)
  • My memories of Whoopee! by Donald Kahn, sun of Gus Kahn
  • My memories of Whoopee! by Ellen Donaldson, daughter of Walter Donaldson

    Musical Classics of the '30s Here are the most importend entries ;-) :
    Whoopee! (1930)
    Super-splashy early Technicolor musical stars Eddie Cantor as a hypochondriac whose move out West for his health results in crazy calamities. Choreography courtesy of Busby Berkeley; co-produced by Samuel Goldwyn and Flo Ziegfeld. 93 min.
    The Great Ziegfeld (1936)
    William Powell stars as Broadway's Glorifier of the American Girl in this lavish, song-filled biodrama that won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Stars like Fannie Brice and Ray Bolger play themselves, Luise Rainer and Myrna Loy are the impresario's lady loves, and the score includes "Rhapsody in Blue," "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody", "Makin' Whoopee" and "If You Knew Susie." Look quickly for Pat Nixon as an extra. 176 min.
    The Sinatra Songbook
    The Broadway Collection (with Audio-Sample "Makin' Whoopee")
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    Allstonians (CD: Go you)
    Ben Webster (CD: Soulville)
    Benny Goodman (i.e. CD: Good To Go)
    Charlie Byrd (CD: Guitar Artistry)
    Count Basie (CD: Makin Whoopee)
    Cyndi Lauper - Duett with Tony Bennett (CD: At Last)
    Dave Kelly Band
    Dinah Shore
    Dinah Washington (CD:Swingin' Miss D)
    Doris Day (i.e. CD: Cuttin Capers, Que Sera Sera)
    Eddie Cantor (CD: Whoopee!, Makin' Whoopee with "Banjo Eyes")
    Ella Fitzgerald (i.e. CD: Songs In Mellow Mood, Ella)
    Esther Philips (i.e. CD: And I Love Him)
    Everyone says I love you - Soundtrack (Tirome Jerome)
    Fabulous Baker Boys - Soundtrack (Michelle Pfeiffer sings!)
    Frank Sinatra (i.e. CD: Concepts, Songs For Swingin' Lovers)
    Gerry Mulligan (he played it really often!)
    Hank Crawford (i.e. CD:After Dark)
    Harry Nilsson (CD: A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night)
    John Coltrane (CD:Soultrane)
    King and Blulett Trio (CD: Makin' Whoopee: A Tribute to the King Cole Trio)
    L.A.Confidential - Soundtrack
    Lee Hazlewood
    Louis Armstrong (i.e. CD: Jazz 'Round Midnight)
    Nat King Cole (i.e. CD: Get Your Kicks on Route 66)
    Nelson Riddle (CD:Joy Of Living/Love Is A Game Of Poker)
    Oscar Peterson (CD: Tenderly)
    Peggy Lee (i.e. CD: C'est Magnifique)
    Ray Charles (i.e. CD: Greatest Hits)
    Rigmor Gustafsson With Nils Landgren (CD: I Will Wait For You)
    Rod Steward (CD: Great American Songbook Vol 4)
    Roy Eldridge (CD:Happy Time)
    Sleepless in Seattle - Soundtrack (Rickie Lee Jones)
    Stephane Grappelli (i.e. CD: Jazz 'Round Midnight)
    Three Sounds (CD: Standards)
    and many other Jazz-Musicians (Roland Kirk, Karen Gallinger to name but a few)!

    Note: Andy from Los Angeles wrote me, "that even Elton John recorded the song for the Soundtrack of 'Shoreditch'" but I didn't find it anywhere. Does anybody know more about it?

    2nd Note: Nicholas mailed me: "The theme from "Makin' Whoopee" is used in the 1937 film "Camille" starring Greta Garbo and Lionel Barrymore. Every time they are together, the theme plays in the background. Kind of tacky."
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    The Midi-Files:

    I found just two different Midi-Versions by now. Load them down, choose your favorite one and have a great time!

    Big-Band - Version (great!) Midi-File (59k)    Zip (33k)
    Fabulous Baker Boys - Version Midi-File (17k)    Zip (4.7k)

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