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Makin' Whoopee - Additional Lyrics

Here you can find the original lyrics of "Makin' Whoopee!" as sung in the '30s, a Version from Ella Fitzgerald and a "Union"-Version - just for curiosity!

'30s-Version Ella's-Version Union-Version

(Gus Kahn)
Another bride, another groom
The countryside is all in bloom;
The flow'rs 'n trees is,
The birds and bees is
Making whoopie.

The choir sings, "Here comes the bride"
Another victim is at her side
He's lost his reason
'Cause it's the season
For making whoopee.

     Down through the countless ages,
     You'll find it ev'rywhere:
     Somebody makes good wages,
     Somebody wants her share.
It's so he'll fall for
Making whoopee.

Another year, or maybe less
What's this I hear? Or can't you guess?
She feels neglected,
And he's suspected
Of making whoopee.

She sits alone 'most ev'ry night
He doesn't come home, or even write
He says he's busy
But she says, "Is he
Making whoopee?"

     He doesn't make much money
     Five thousand dollars per;
     Some judge who thinks he's funny
     Says, "You pay six to her."
He says, "Now judge, suppose I fail?"
The judge says, "Bud, right into jail.
You'd better keep her
You'll find it cheaper
Than making whoopee."

Note: This set of words sung by Eddie Cantor in movie version of
     Whoopee! (1930) There are lots, lots, more.RG

Additional verses:

Another bride
Another groom
Another sunny
Another season,
Another reason
For makin' whoopee.

A quiet service,
A lot of rice,
The groom is nervous
He answers twice.
It's really killing
That he's so willing
To make whoopee.

     Picture a little lovenest
     Down where the roses cling
     Picture that same sweet lovenest
     Think what a year can bring.

He's washing dishes
And baby clothes
He's so ambitious
He even sews;
But don't forget, boys
That's what you get, boys
For makin' whoopee.

Another intro, as sung by Eddie on "Carnegie Hall Concert"
(thanks to John for that nice piece of information)

Every time I hear that dear old wedding march
I feel rather glad I have a broken arch
I have heard a lot of married people talk
And I know that marriage is a long, long walk
To most people weddings mean romance
But I prefer a picnic or a dance

Encore choruses:
here's one of five mentioned encore choruses (as John told me).

Take Peggy Joyce
With little boys
She soon became,
The nation's choice
I'll tell you Buddy
She's made a study 
Of Makin' Whoopee

MAKING WHOOPEE as sung by Ella Fitzgerald
But Eddie Cantor sung this version, too! Dave told me, he has it on one of his CDs!
(Gus Kahn)
Everytime I hear that marchin Lohengrin
I am always all the outside lookin' in
Maybe that is why I see the funny side
When I see somebody's brother take a bride
Weddings make a lot of people sad
But if you'd not the one, their not so bad!

Another bride, another june
Another sunny honeymoon
Another season, another reason
For Makin' Whoopee.

A lot of shoes, a lot of rice
The groom is nervous, he answers twice
It's really killin', that he's so willin'
To Make Whoopee!

    Picture a little love-nest,
    Down where the roses cling,
    Picture the same sweet lovenest,
    Think what a year can bring.

He's washing dishes, and baby clothes
He's so ambitious, he even sews
But don't forget, folks
That's what you get, folks,
For Makin' Whoopee!

Another year, or maybe less
What's this I hear?  Well, can't you guess?
She feels neglected, and he's suspected
Of Makin' Whoopee!

She sits alone, 'most every night
He doesn't 'phone her, he doesn't write
He says he's "busy"
But she says "is he?"
He's Makin' Whoopee!

    He doesn't make much money,
    Only five-thousand per
    Some judge, who thinks he's funny,
    Says "You pay six to her"
He says: "Now judge, suppose I fail."
The judge says: "Budge, right into jail!
You'd better keep her, I think it's cheaper
Than Makin' Double-U H Double-O P Double-E - Whoopee!!"

Another night, another day
Of livin' tight, from pay to pay
And here's the reason my life ain't easin'
Ain't got a union.

I go to work when work is there
I never shirk, I do my share
It doesn't matter, my wallet's flatter
Without a union.

break:    Sometimes I sit and daydream,
          Thinkin' how things could be,
          Silly to some it may seem
          I'd like seniority, and

Grievance procedure, when things ain't fair
Vacation leisure, without a care
Benefit fringes, I know it hinges
On bein' union.

Sisters and brothers, hear what I say
We need each other, there's just one way
We've gpt to realize, we've got to organize
Into a union.

From magazine Talking Union, edited by Schniderman
tune: Makin' Whoopee

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